Pastors Rick & Christine Kelley


Pastors Rick and Christine Kelley are committed to continuing to build their relationship with God. Their calling has been to provide support to Church leaders with their every day struggles. Our Church leaders are always there for us, supporting, encouraging, praying, and guiding us. We have been led to give back the same love and attention our Church leaders give everyday.


Rick and Christine speak with Church leaders around the country and provide them with useful tools and resources. Weather it is personal, members issues, leadership transition, or just someone to confide in. We provide an trusting relationship, confidentiality, and anonymity.


God created everyone is his perfect image. No matter what the world tells you God tells us that we are special to him, each one of us have a unique talent and reason. You are beautiful, you are important, and you are loved.


Our Primary goal is to provide support for Church Leadership of all Denominations of Christian faith a safe and loving environment to share and express their joys and sorrows. We provide pastor one on one attention as well as Pastor conventions around the country that uplifts and provides resources for their individual and personal needs.

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Brother Joel &
Karen Smith


It has been my joy and privilege to know and work with Christine and Rick Kelley. Watching them work with the upmost confidentiality in their ministry while helping those who are hurting is refreshing. Their love for people and dedication to our Lord is clearly shown in their desire, and in all they strive to accomplish.

Throughout the years of knowing and working with them, I have always found them to be humble, helpful, and willing to pray. I know that you will find the same in them and in Living In His Image Ministry. 

Pastor Joel A Smith, Summerville, Georgia



Jeff & Sue Synor


We have know Rick and Christine for many years, they are truly wonderful, God loving souls. We have witnessed their love and kindness for others, and are blessed to have them in our lives.

They are so decaded to helping others, have spent countless hours to assist invidiuals in times of need, and following the path that God has called them to do. There are very few people that God puts in your live that love with all they have, Rick and Christine are those people. 

They are a inspriration to us as well as our family and friends.

Vic & Tina Carini


Rick and Christine have been such a blessing in our lives. They are both so commented to being obiedaint to God, and have such wonderful caring hearts. They are the kind of people who pray with you and for you. 

Tina and Christine have been long time friends since grade school and have been Sisters in Christ ever since. Their friendship is a true example of God's divine intervention in bringing souls together.

 Rick and Christine are examples of walking with Christ.

Ken & Renee Rooks


I have known Christine and Rick Kelley for many years, they are truly inspirational and caring people. They are the type of couple that God has chosen to shine through them. Many times I have experienced the kindness and compassion that they showed for others. It is rare to find such wonderful people who are willing to reach out and be totally committed to helping others.


They lead by example, give all their time and energy through their strong faith.  I know that many will benefit from their ministry.  Ken Rooks, Former Ambassador. of The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce. Retired Navy, Vietnam Veteran. Michigan.

Pastor Greg Hayt


I’ve have the privilege of knowing Rick and Christine Kelley for some time now. They are an amazing Christian couple that are an inspiration to me. God shines through this couple. Their love for God and their love for others is a perfect example of what God has said to do in His word. I have gone to counseling most of my life and I am blessed to be counseled by Rick and Christine now.  They are by far the greatest counselors I have ever dealt with.


They are non judgmental and have no selfish motive in the message they deliver. Many great changes have taken place in my personal life through the counseling they have given me. They genuinely care about me and want what is in my best interest. And the messages Christine shares in her podcasts are simply amazing. I have learned so much from listening to her because she makes it easy to understand and soothing to my spirit. 


I could listen to her messages all day long and love it and learn from it as well. It is a great honor to call Rick my brother in Christ and to call Christine my sister in Christ. I love this amazing couple and I see many great things happening in their lives because they are doing the work of God. Undoubtedly, they are true servants of God and it shows.

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